Your First 30 Days After Getting Out.

Once out use this 30-day guide to help you.

First make the choice to go no contact or grey rock.

  1. Set up a new email if co-parenting, let the narcissist know the email and then block number. If you can go no contact, block number.
  2. Write a list of the negatives about the relationship, if the narcissist comes hoovering or you have doubts, look at that list.
  3. Delete and block the narcissist from all social media, including any friends or family they might use as a flying monkey, look into how to remove guilt.

  1. Watch things that make you laugh, treat yourself, soak in the bath, hair cut, no matter how big or small treat yourself.
  2. Look into new hobbies, things you enjoy, start creating new routines for you.
  3. Celebrate one week no contact, be proud, own it, treat yourself.
  4. Give away any items the narcissist gave you, or delete photos, unfortunate reminders.
  5. Check-in on sleep, having trouble, cut down day time naps, start going to bed 5 minutes earlier, setting your alarm five minutes more prior in a morning.
  6. Look at joining support groups, or finding new hobbies, things you enjoy for you. Check out the boundaries lecture.

  1. Re-read no contact, grey rock, the negative list, whenever you start to feel weak.
  2. Start writing how you are feeling, journaling your highs and lows.
  3. Look in the mirror and find three things to compliment yourself on.
  4. Celebrate two weeks, no contact or no reaction. Don't worry if you slipped up, see how long you did go and go again.
  5. Reach out to old friends and family you've been isolated from and make plans to meet up.
  6. Write out any self-doubts/ limiting beliefs the narcissist left in your mind, then right the truth. Listen to the self-doubt YouTube video

  1. Write a list of all the things you want to do with your life now.
  2. Write at least five good qualities of your personality.
  3. Get creative and make a vision board for how you want your life to go now.
  4. Look for a new course or new jobs.
  5. Take a walk in the fresh air, even if you just step onto your garden, start new exercise routines.
  6. Take a look at the free Anxieties lecture, or watch this free YouTube video.

  1. Any time you want to cry, do set a time limit, let those emotions out, then when the timer goes off, find anything you can to make you laugh.
  2. Put positive quotes on your fridge, or around your home. Read them daily.
  3. Stop looking up narcissistic traits, If you know the traits now, look at what they do to your mindset to put your reality back together, lots of free YouTube videos and blogs on this, if you’d like a structured course, this is the link.
  4. Get More healing tips, from Instagram, youtube, facebook.
  5. Stop Doubting yourself; you're a fantastic person, check this out.

  1. Start making eye contact with others, then start smiling at more people.
  2. Check-in on your self-care, relax, treat yourself, look up new hobbies if you didn't start earlier.
  3. Thirty days free, you rock, check out the full course if you like a more guided help.

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