How To Co-Parent With A Narcissist

How To Handle The Narcissists Counter-Parenting And Raise Happy Children

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Elizabeth Shaw..

Recovery and healing after narcissistic abuse.

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Shaw, I’ve found myself again after an 8-year on-off relationship with a narcissist, I’ve broken the cycle of abuse, for myself and my children, and would love to help you break it too. I’d like to help you get your power and your life back, so what seems like the narcissist's never-ending games no longer has an impact on yours or your children's lives. Re-discover yourself, your inner happiness, your self-esteem, self-belief self-values self-trust, your passions, your boundaries, and so much more.

One minute you’re living your dream life with the perfect partner, your soulmate, the one. You plan your future, have beautiful children together. Then suddenly they begin to change. They seem angry and unhappy often belittling you, leaving you hurt, confused, anxious, uneasy and criticised. The parent you thought they’d be, the parent they said they’d be had gone, and in place, you’re left dealing with someone who’s doesn’t see how much pain they cause the children. No matter how many times you try to communicate with them, nothing sinks in, and you’re just left feeling angry, frustrated, hurt and let down. Dealing with your own emotions while trying to help your children with theirs.

Over time you become more confused and bewildered, questioning yourself and everything you do. Trying not to say or do the wrong thing, trying to keep the peace, changing yourself time and time again, yet nothing is working, you find you're tiptoeing around them, walking on eggshells, doing everything you can to keep them happy, yet it's getting worse.

Nothing you do is good enough, and you’re getting all the blame and taking all the responsibility for the problems the children are struggling with, and to the children, the narcissist is blaming everything on you.

They will not be accountable, they will not apologise, and if they do it’s only a false apology if you think you’ve worked it out this time and you’re co-Parenting, they change the game on you, leaving you questioning everything again.

Does that sound familiar? I know how it feels and how lonely and hard the journey of recovery is.

You ask yourself, how could someone who loved and cared for our children and me so much, treat their own children and me this way? Why are they trying to hurt me? Why are they smearing my name to everyone? How can they not see the effects on our children?

The pain can be unbearable, and with the trauma bond, you may have tried or been trying to win them back, you are not alone in this.

You might have realised there is no hope for Co-Parenting to ever happen.

You are left devastated trying to piece your life back together, working out who they were as they could treat you better than anyone ever had and also worse than anyone ever had. You are trying to piece back yourself and rebuild your life while trying to help your children through it all, but you just don’t know where to start.

You may feel lost, powerless with no one to turn to for help and support.

You are not alone in this, and once you start working on you, life will become amazing again, you will begin to trust others again.

You don’t have to spend any more of your life suffering, there's a way to turn all this around, you have the power to change your life around, and I’d love to help you through this.

Rediscovering who you indeed are.

After narcissistic abuse, often you’re left feeling crazy, thinking that you are actually the narcissist, you’ve lost who you indeed are and more.

When you’re left feeling lost, confused, angry, hurt and broken, with no one around you that understands what you’ve been through, it’s genuinely heartbreaking. You are not alone, I’ve been there, and countless others have too, I understand what you’ve been through and the journey you go on to get yourself back, You can find yourself again, and you can be happy again.

When you’re feeling lost and alone with no one to turn to, who understands you, and what you’ve been through.

With the narcissist most likely having already smeared your name to all those around you, it’s often hard to speak out and feel understood, fearing judgment from others and getting the help and support you need.

You are far from alone in this, and there are people that understand you.

I understand you.

To let go of the pain, feeling judged and making the changes to a much happier life for yourself, to surround yourselves and reconnecting with old friends that the narcissist helped remove from your life, and making new great positive friendships.

When you are committed to making the changes for yourself, it changes everything for you and your children.

# 1 Learning about narcissistic personality disorder.

Most people find gaining the knowledge about the disorder, helps them to understand and overcome everything they have been through, from the mental abuse, to the trauma bond you are often left with.

# 2 Creating your new boundaries.

You may have been or become a people pleaser, it’s ok, you’re not alone in this, I can help you rediscover your boundaries and that it’s ok to say no. A narcissistic personality disorder is on a spectrum, so some of you have to go no contact, some of you can manage grey rock, I can teach you how to implement both of these.

# 3 Help with the narcissists Counter-Parenting.

This is extremely difficult, as our feelings towards our children are different from those with a narcissistic personality disorder.

I can help you understand what to expect, how you can get through child arrangements, how you can help the children if they still see the narcissistic parent and how to help if safeguarding is too big and they no longer see the other parent, or if the parent has just walked away. It’s hard, it gets easier with simple steps.

# 4 discovering who you are again and walking on the positive side of life.

It’s insidious all the things you have been through, and I can help you understand the trauma bond, you may have lost family and friends, I can help you with changing your attitude towards life and your mindset, to create who you are again, and find your inner happiness,

How you talk to yourself is a learning curve that will feel uncomfortable to start with, as your mind will most likely have been reprogrammed by the narcissist.

You changed everything about yourself to please the narcissist, which shows you can do it, now you’ve got to believe in yourself, and know the steps you need to take to change yourself into who you want to be. Surrounding yourself with positive people who lift you up.

# 5 moving forward with your life.

You can not change your past, you can change the meaning of your history, you can bring yourself into the present, there are methods to help you get rid of those past thoughts and feelings, and that narcissist continually running through your mind, it’s not easy but it is simple, and once you start putting those steps into place it becomes easy.

If you’re fed up of them living rent-free in your mind, I can help you find the method that works for you to remove them from your mind.

To give you mind a fresh view on your life, creating new visions and new dreams, for a much stronger, happier and wiser you. Believe in yourself, and anything is possible.

A challenge for yourself today is do something you always loved doing that you stopped doing while with the narcissist.

I can help you.

  1. No contact, Grey Rock, Level up.
  2. Learn all about the narcissist personality disorder.
  3. Release the hurt and addiction.
  4. Let go of those repetitive painful thoughts and stop the narcissist running around your mind.
  5. Release those obsessive thoughts, getting over the ex.
  6. Recovery from anxiety.
  7. Handle the narcissists Counter-Parenting.
  8. Give yourself closure.
  9. Give yourself inspiration for new goals and dreams.
  10. Feel inner happiness again.

And many more.

I would love to help you, overcome, trauma bond, anxiety, and leave the narcissist in the past. If this sounds good to you, this course is perfect for you to begin a new happier life for you today.

Thank you, Elizabeth.

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